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Mark Sheftic, PGA
2011 Philadelphia Section Teacher of the Year

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Mark Sheftic of the United States hits his shot on the 1st tee during the 26th PGA Cup, at Slaley Hall,
Sunset View of Hole #5 Merion
PGA Championship Friday
PGA Championship Friday
Merion - Hole 16
Merion - Hole 16
PGA National Championship
PGA National Championship
2011 PGA Cup
2011 PGA Cup
Mark On Golf Fix
Mark On Golf Fix

How Can This Website Help You?

Begin by asking yourself, what does golf mean to you?  Is it a casual round with some friends for exercise or fresh air with no bearing on the score?   Or is it working towards your highest level with the intention of walking inside the ropes in tournament play?

Everyone will answer the proposed question with a different answer and express a personal view on why and how golf should be played.  Some players are more serious, some are more scientific and some play for business and/or social reasons.  All responses are correct and share one common goal… everyone is striving to get better.

That is the key to this website… improvement!  This website will help you as a golfer get organized, map out a plan of attack and guide you along the way with long and short term goals.   Each student will receive a locker to track stats, measure progress, store video lessons, capture pictures and moments (most people are visual learners), and analyze equipment.  The locker system will offer each student a different perspective on his/her golf game but ultimately show growth in everyone’s game. 

In addition, this website will provide current golf news, information on events, equipment, golf schools and instructional support.  By utilizing all aspects of this site, your overall game will improve and I will be accessible for support!

Recent Student News

Nancy Wolcott first ACE!!

 Posted 16 hours ago
Nancy Wolcott first ace at the Ausanble Club.  Congratulations Nancy

Keeping thoughts simple

 Posted 2 weeks ago
Bob Wagner is one of my students that has made unbelievable improvements the last couple of years.  2 days ago, Bob was on the range struggling, I could see it in his body language from a distance.  He came over and said can you take a quick look.  Very easy to see he was using hardly any body and all arms.  Made a couple small adjustments and received this text message today. Mark,  One under 71 yesterday at Philly cricket militia hill (new course)   Got my distance and draw back. Unbelievable.  Just keeping right hip back  Sometimes you just have to go back to basics and simple thoughts.  Good players never lose there swing, we just get a little out of sorts.  

Susan Selverian Personal best

 Posted 3 weeks ago
I received this email yesterday and was so proud of this young lady.  Susan Selverian has worked very hard to make some necessary changes to her swing.  She put the time in and now its paying off.  Susan text message was, "Ghin revisions out today.. all time personal best @ 13.6!!!" Great job Susan and keep up the great work 

Message From Stuart Mosebey

 Posted last month
I shot my first ever under par (35) 9 holes!!! My swing is slowly getting better... Just trying to improve at the things we have been working on. I know you are busy, but I wanted to share with you since you are the reason I was able to do it. I will keep working at this and will let you know when I finally break 80. Hope all is well!

Jackie with her first AJGA win

 Posted 2 months ago

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